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Ceridian LifeWorks

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  • Crisis counselling
  • Risk assessment
  • Work-life/Wellness counselling
  • Community resources referrals
  • Online chat available

Ceridian LifeWorks is a resource program brought to you by WeSpeakStudent. This program can help you manage personal, financial and general life issues at school or at home.

Resources available:

  • Interactive health and wellness tools
  • Interactive online depression centre(16 week program)
  • Interactive online stop smoking centre
  • Quizzes, self-assessments, tips & polls
  • Podcasts and blogs
  • Online health library
  • Financial calculators


Life: personal issues, relationships, everyday stressors, legal, crisis, midlife, student life, retirement, disabilities
Heath: mental health, health habits, adults, addiction, disease/conditions, alternative health, children, seniors
Family: couples, parenting, divorce/separation, death/loss, child care, becoming a parent, older relatives, education, adoption
Work: for managers, career, work relationships, work effectiveness, work hours/flexibility, work transitions
Money: personal financial issues, savings, home buying or renting, shopping/services, cars/transportation
Life Changes: joining the workforce, workplace change, moving, relationship change, grief and loss, starting a family

The Barb Morel Foundation was created in 2000 as a way to remember and honour Barb Morel, a loving wife and mother who exemplified the true meaning of a humanitarian.

The Barb Morel Foundation commits one $500.00 Bursary annually to be awarded to the student who best exemplifies true humanitarian qualities in all aspects of their educational and personal life.

Students can apply online at